Yamamoto Takeshi appreciation life.
Track: Heartless
Artist: Kanye West
Album: 808s & Heartbreak


Heartless - Kanye West



i think your favourite boy from ouran high school host club says a lot about you

steve rogers + cards against humanity (insp.)

You appeared like a comet



Happy Birthday Cindy~ from the official twitter (link)

quick and rough translation:

Katsura: Shinsaku! Happy birthday! Here’s my present~

Shinsaku: Oh, thanks, Katsura-san. Uh… what’s this weirdly colored liqud? It smells weird too…

Katsura: It’s a supplement drink I put all my heart into creating just for you! Go on, drink it all in one gulp!

Shinsaku: Oh, here I go…. Uu…! What’s this…!!!

Ryouma: Ah, Cindy! Happy birthday! Congratulations~!!

Shinsaku: Ryo… Ryouma~ Thanks for always… you’re… you’re the best friend I could ask for…!

Ryouma: Se-Sensei—! Something’s wrong with Cindy!

Katsura: Fufufu. Shinsaku doesn’t usual let his real feelings show, so this is my gift to him~

Shinsaku: Ryouma~ Katsura-san! I love you both~~!

xs; unravel au; “don’t trust me”


and now the root, the beginning, baseballbaka

notes: sue me for wanting kid xanxus, for exacerbating the current-future events put into motion by byakuya and co, but never for claiming that khr is mine - there’s only one man in that entire franchise that i wanna ride into the sunset and there’s no negotiation for that



don’t trust me

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